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Who’s in the driving seat for the future of transportation?

Apple Intelligence

I was struck by this LinkedIn post from Stuart Jackson, Amazon’s Director of Corporate Communications. Amazon has been rolling out its electric vans and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) worldwide.  These beasts feature bespoke technology and features to improve the driving and delivery experience. Amazon has more than 100,000 electric delivery vehicles on the road globally- which is a significant achievement. 

Self driving cars, will they be a hit?

Meanwhile, in another case of “we’ve heard this one before”, UK Transport Secretary, Mark Harper,  is promising self-driving cars could be on roads by 2026. According to new research self-driving cars were mostly safe - except at dawn, dusk or when turning. During low light, they were five times more likely to have an accident than a human-driven car. I’m not a big fan of Self Driving Cars, so I don’t think I’ll be buying one any time soon!

Electric aircraft

MagniX is a company that has been working with NASA to develop an electric aircraft. According to reports it has a super powerful battery, and a long life cycle, that promises to reduce operating costs, improve turn around times, minimise weight and complexity in the aircraft. It will be interesting to see how this develops…

What is the future of transport and sustainability?

In May 2023 the UK produced trillionth kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity generated from renewable sources.  However we will need a lot more to hit Government targets.  In the US alone a move to all electric automobiles would require an additional 20-50 percent electricity production according to USA Facts (I wondered what Steve Ballmer, formerly of Microsoft, was doing now).  


There are also concerns about the impact Sustainable Airline Fuel (SAF) can have on the environment as well as where EV battery technology is sourcing its components from. For this and many more reasons, the transport industry is increasingly in the spotlight for environmental issues, as outlined by my colleague Julia Fitzgerald in this blog.

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