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The sky's the limit: tech and sustainability in aviation

Looking to the future of aviation

I'm something of a geek when it comes to two subjects: aviation and technology. So, it's fortunate I've been able to work closely with both.  Aviation has the technical challenges of getting 500 tons of A380 to fly through the air, yet the in-cabin flight experience sometimes seems to lack innovation.  So I was pleasantly surprised to see what was on display at the AIX show in Hamburg a fortnight ago.  


Sure, there was not much mention of the Metaverse or generative AI but it was amazing to see the industry embrace the opportunities afforded by big challenges such as sustainability, cleanliness and inclusion. In particular, I loved seeing the sustainability initiatives from Generation Phoenix  and Soisa, the touchless lav innovation from Adam Rite Aerospace and a new in-aisle wheelchair concept from J&C Aero.   

IS AII the future of aviation
AI's potential game changing impact

That’s not to say AI will not change aviation, of course.


AI can optimise flight operations, enhance the customer experience, manage air traffic, assist in maintenance and repairs of the aircraft, and improve security protocols. However, new technologies bring new risks that must be managed for safety – particularly in an industry where security, safety and control are paramount.


The implications for the aviation sector will be far-reaching and can be highly effective – although I’m not sure I’m yet ready to trust AI to fully automate my passenger experience…

RedCabin lands in Texas!

The impact of AI, as well as innovation in sustainability, inclusivity and cleanliness will all be subjects for the next RedCabin Summit taking place this week at American Airlines iconic Skyview Campus. RedCabin is a long standing client that runs incredible events focussed on power innovation in transport.  


The event will showcase winners of the first RedCabin Trinity awards celebrating collaboration to drive innovation in aviation.  Keep an eye out on RedCabin’s socials to see yet more innovation in aviation from Thursday!

Exhibition & Events Calendar
A round-up of the big events coming your way over the next three months
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