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The sky's the limit: Tech and sustainability in aviation

Google Glass: gone but not forgotten

Being a natural cynic, I was always a bit sceptical about virtual reality. I didn't think asking people to don a headset would drive take-up outside of super keen gamers and some (ahem) very niche and personal applications.

But I was surprisingly chipper about augmented reality. When Google demoed Glass, I could see the benefit of having an overlay of information available when you wanted it. But like so many other interesting ideas, Google killed it off pretty quickly.

AR: the future of driving?
This week it was reported General Motors has patented the concept of turning the whole windscreen of a car into a heads-up display. This seems to be a very natural way to enhance the information available to a driver, without causing additional distraction. I found using an in-car HUD more intuitive than looking at a separate display and adding contextual information—such as lane assist and blind spot alerts—could add to driver's safety. I'll be curious to see if this makes it to the market.

AR is already extensively used for training in the transportation industry. The obvious application is training pilots in simulators, but VR has also been extensively used to help train drivers. Beyond that application, I was interested to see AR being used in factory assembly to help speed up the construction of airline seats. I'll be looking out next week at AIX for other examples of tech innovation in aircraft interiors.
A lesson in crisis management
Spending some time at our office in Manchester this week got me thinking about the saga of The Co-op Live music venue and how its headline sponsor—a proudly North West brand, founded near Manchester—reacted to the fallout from delays in the venue opening. 

The impact on the brand's reputation was significant, but I think Co-op could have handled the situation better. Read my blog on this here.
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