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Keep your PR fit for purpose with a comms audit

By: John Bowes, Senior Account Manager 

Why your business needs a comms audit

With more platforms available to reach your audience than ever - as well as more competition looking to do the same - companies need to review and refresh their communication tactics regularly if they’re going to stand out.

It’s easy to get so caught up in the busy-ness of the day-to-day that you lose sight of what your most important objectives are, and that’s where the audit comes in. Taking a step back to evaluate the impact of your existing methods and look for those areas that are ripe for enhancement and growth can be invaluable.

But what does a good comms audit look like? Drawing on our experience as seasoned comms strategists, here are the critical steps and insider advice for performing an in-depth review of your brand’s communication tactics.

Step 1: Set Clear Goals and Know Your Audience

Start with the biggest questions: what do we want to achieve, and who are we aiming to reach?

The answers to these questions must inform the whole of your communication aspirations. Whether you want to boost brand visibility, increase web traffic, or enhance customer interaction, knowing your goals will steer the audit and ensure your tactics align with your broader ambitions.

Equally important is understanding your audience. Dive deep with research to understand their demographics, preferences, and challenges. By shaping your communication tactics to strike a chord with your audience, you’ll boost your impact and cultivate deeper bonds with your brand.

Step 2: Evaluate Your Communication Avenues and Content

With your goals and audience in mind, the next step is to assess your existing communication avenues and content. This means taking a hard look at your website, social media presence, email campaigns, press announcements, and any other channels you use to speak to your audience.

Focus on these critical elements:

  1. Uniformity: Does your brand’s message remain consistent across all platforms? This solidifies your brand’s identity and builds trust with your audience.

  2. Engagement Indicators: Delve into indicators such as likes, shares, comments, and click-throughs to measure your content’s success. Spot the content performing well and pinpoint areas that could use a boost.

  3. Voice and Tone of Your Brand: Check if your brand’s voice and tone are in harmony with your audience’s expectations and your brand’s persona. A consistent tone ensures a unified brand experience and reinforces brand recognition.

Step 3: Gather Feedback and Refine

No communication strategy is flawless, so gathering feedback from the key people is essential. Connect with your audience using surveys, discussion groups, and social media queries to collect insights on how they view and interact with your brand.

Collect input from your team, especially those in marketing, sales, and customer support. Their unique viewpoints can illuminate aspects that need a creative touch or a strategic pivot.

With this feedback, fine-tune your communication tactics. Try out new ideas, conduct A/B tests with varied messages, and monitor performance indicators to gauge your progress.

Top Tips for a Successful Communications Audit:

  1. Be Nimble and Responsive: The digital arena is ever-changing, and your communication tactics need to be, too. Stay ready to pivot in response to new trends, consumer shifts, and stakeholder feedback.

  2. Value Authenticity: At the heart of impactful communication lies authenticity. Make sure your messages are genuine and transparent, and connect with your audience on a personal level. Brands that are true to themselves forge stronger ties and earn lasting loyalty from their audience.

  3. Bring in Diverse Media: Broaden your content mix by including multimedia like videos, infographics, and interactive elements. Engaging and shareable, these formats can significantly extend your brand’s influence and presence.

A thorough audit of your communication tactics is indispensable for staying pertinent, captivating your audience, and reaching your business goals. Get in touch if you want to amplify your brand’s voice and solidify its digital footprint.


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