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Is your business ready for PR?

Is your business ready for PR author Emily Johns

When looking to expand your business, enter a new market or grow your brand credibility, PR can play a critical role in pushing the company to new heights. It serves as more than a one-off sales boost but as a long-term investment that builds the foundation for success. 

Some businesses, however, may leap too soon, so it’s important to recognise when you have reached the point to take the next step in PR.

Here are five signs to know when your business is ready.

You have clear business objectives

To leverage PR's full potential, your business must clearly understand its objectives. These go beyond goals for the next few months—they should be a long-term plan for your company's success in the next three to five years. You need to truly appreciate what you want to gain from PR; is it attracting new recruits, finding investment opportunities, or an IPO?

Your product or service is ready for market

PR will drive awareness and educate the market on your unique offering. This means that you need to ensure your business is ready to scale and is primed with available products that can meet the needs of rising consumer demand. The last thing you want is successful PR falling flat because the product or service wasn’t readily available or there wasn’t enough product to meet demand.

You have the internal structure to support PR

One thing that is often underestimated when hiring a PR agency is the amount of work required to successfully launch a campaign and continue the momentum. As a business, you will need to ensure there are people available internally to review PR materials, collaborate on ideas and approve strategies. 

You have an interesting story to tell

Every business has a story to tell, but to stand out, you need to focus on how your story sets you apart from your competitors. If you have already carved a niche for yourself in the market, then you are halfway there. PR will help you create compelling narratives that clearly communicate your unique story to your target audience. 

You have a consistent brand message

For PR to work, you need to have a clear message, mission and values for your brand. Not only does this help journalists take notice, but it also fuels PR content that will entice your target audience to come back for repeat business. Brand consistency is vital in ensuring your business is easily recognised across the market and all touchpoints, which instils more trust in your customers in the longer term.  

Are you ready for PR?

If you're ready to take the plunge or just want some advice on the best approach for your business, we can guide you through the process. Get in touch:


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