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How is the UAE Becoming a Global AI Leader

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By: Mohit Hira, Jargon Group Dubai

In the UAE, it is common for a robot to serve coffee or an AI-enabled virtual assistant to help people. However, this isn’t it. The UAE is making remarkable strides not only to embrace AI but to become a global leader in the space. 

From proactive collaborations to billions of investments, the country is going above and beyond to integrate artificial intelligence into it's ecosystem. In this blog, we take a look at three key elements driving AI adoption in the country and strengthening its position in the global AI landscape. 

Proactive Government Initiatives

One key factor accelerating AI growth in the UAE is the government taking forward-looking initiatives. In the first half of 2024 alone, authorities have announced exciting plans to embrace AI.

In April this year, H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, launched the ‘Dubai Universal Blueprint for Artificial Intelligence’, a roadmap designed to accelerate AI adoption and integrate the technology into government operations. Following the launch of the roadmap, Dubai announced the appointment of 22 Chief AI Officers to manage various AI-related projects and programmes across a number of government entities.   

The quick execution of such forward-looking plans reflects Dubai’s commitment to driving AI adoption. While these initiatives are focused on transforming operations in Dubai, they’ll significantly impact the wider UAE and its economy. 

Collaborative Approach

The UAE is collaborating with global organisations to transform itself into a global hub and forerunner for AI. In the past few months, institutions and companies in the UAE such as G42 and Mubadala have partnered with US counterparts like Microsoft and IBM to launch new ventures. 

There is definitely more to come as UAE’s state minister for AI, Omar Sultan Al Olama recently indicated that both nations are committed to investing more in AI as part of their strategic partnership. How does this collaborative approach help? It opens doors for more talent opportunities, significant investments, and innovation in the region. Those who capitalise on these opportunities now can bid for first-mover advantage. 


Investing in the Future

Ongoing initiatives are driving the UAE’s progress in AI. However, it is critical to empower the young generation to leverage AI innovations for good. To make this happen, Dubai has announced a new programme to upskill teachers with the required AI skills. As part of this plan, all teachers in Dubai will be provided training in AI. This highlights the vision of the UAE government which is set to transform the UAE into a global AI hub. 

Over the next five years, it is anticipated that the UAE will skyrocket its growth in the AI space. As a result, the country will attract global talent and significant investments from companies across the globe. As more businesses set up their operations in the region, they’ll need to communicate effectively with their target audiences to cut through the noise. Partnering with a global PR agency can help organisations achieve this while maintaining a synergy between their international and local presence.


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