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PR trends we should leave behind

By: Emily John, Account Director

Trends have a significant impact on businesses of all shapes and sizes. They allow companies to gain a competitive advantage, align with new technologies and leverage new market opportunities. In the realm of PR, emerging trends fuel our content generation, shape our communications strategies and provide insights into our client’s core markets. 

The PR industry is constantly evolving, and it's vital that we stay ahead of the curve in this dynamic market. Whilst trends like AI, humanised PR and data-driven content have come to the forefront, we also need to recognise the trends that we should leave behind this year.


Who doesn’t love a buzzword? Industry buzzwords reflect the shifting business landscape in which they evolve but sometimes they can outstay their welcome. Phrases that were once new ways to convey ideas and information will start to feel outdated or overused. While buzzwords can help establish credibility and position our clients as experts in their field, relying on these terms can also make audiences feel disconnected. 

The terms innovative, synergy and groundbreaking are some of the biggest culprits. PR professionals need to ensure the claims they are making in content or pitches are variable. This involves creating clear-cut and jargon-free descriptions, ensuring our messages are compelling to journalists and ultimately result in high quality coverage. 

Vanity metrics

Vanity metrics are quantity-based data points that look impressive on paper, but don’t translate into solid business results. Whilst these metrics will help with brand awareness, they often can’t be analysed in isolation and will not uncover the impact that PR has had on an audience. Vanity metrics can also be misleading when it comes to evaluating our client’s real performance or return on investment. 

Value metrics, on the other hand, clearly demonstrate how PR and communications drives business success with data-driven evidence that help guide strategic decisions. Therefore, a balanced approach, focusing on value over vanity, is beneficial in future-proofing PR measurement. 

Overuse of AI

Working in the B2B technology space means that we are constantly embracing new technologies - but we have to be smart with the tools that we use. For instance, using a technology that compromises the quality of our work for clients, or complicates our daily operations is not smart. 

AI is here to stay, but we need to be careful not to get swept up into the craze and remain mindful of how we can use this technology for the better. Afterall, as I mentioned in my previous blog, human relationships are still at the core of what we do and AI simply can not replicate that.

In the fast-paced world of PR, our success hinges on our ability to understand and integrate emerging trends and technologies. Whilst the future is bright, we need to also consider the trends that no longer matter, to enhance the image of our clients, ensure they remain competitive, stand out from the crowd, and stay ahead of the curve.


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