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A robotic Apple?

Reality bytes
When I saw a report on Bloomberg last week claiming Apple is considering a home robot, I had to check it wasn't April 1st. While I'm not ruling out mischief-making by an employee or even a simple publicity stunt, the idea seems too far from reality to be taken seriously, particularly by the likes of Bloomberg.
Apple has struggled to replicate its incredible success in the smartphone market – simply because there's no other technology market with the same scope. In 2023, Apple's headphones, smart watches, tablets and laptops combined couldn't match revenues from iPhones. So I doubt home robots offer a significant future revenue stream. I'm filing this one with other Apple vanity projects, such as AirPower and self-driving cars.
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Tech hits that never were…
Talking of technology never to see the light of day – or, more accurately, products killed off by the big tech companies – take a nostalgic look at this site (if you've not yet discovered it). It's a treasure trove of ideas that have been announced with fanfare and quietly shelved later by big tech.
Welcome, gaitQ
It's World Parkinson's Day this week, and if there's an area where technology can have a significant impact on wellbeing, it's surely in early diagnosis and helping people better manage serious conditions like Parkinson's. This is an area that former BBC Technology Correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones covers in his Substack, and I was particularly moved by a post he wrote in January to highlight what his first five years with Parkinson's (or "as a Parkie") have been like. It's available here.

It's particularly fitting that this week we've started working with gaitQ – an Oxford-based start-up medtech company helping People with Parkinson's (PwPs) to better manage their condition. I'm looking forward to helping the team tell their story in the coming months.  
Next Three Months Exhibition & Events Diary
A rolling diary of the events during which we will be supporting clients.
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I hope you have a great week!
All the best, Chris

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