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LEAP 2024: What you can expect

By: Mohit Hira, Jargon Group Dubai

Saudi Arabia's global tech event, LEAP 2024 is just around the corner. Over 172,000 attendees are expected to visit the show making LEAP 2024 the world’s most-attended tech event. The four-day show includes a lineup of over 1,000 expert speakers, all thought leaders diving into the latest trends in technology. 

The third edition of LEAP will run between 4th and 7th March 2024 at the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Center. As we count down the days to its opening, here are 3 key elements to expect…

Cutting-edge exhibitions 

Within a new venue with increased capacity, more than 1,000 exhibitors will showcase innovative solutions and tech breakthroughs at LEAP 2024. These solutions will be across a number of sectors including artificial intelligence (AI), sustainability, space, gaming, and future workforce. From cloud to generative AI, the tech show will act as a curtain-raiser for many exciting innovations. 

Attendees can expect to see significant focus being placed on technologies promoting security resilience. With cyberattacks only becoming more sophisticated, this year’s LEAP will see the unveiling of solutions harnessing the power of AI to solve modern-day cybersecurity challenges. 

Sharpened focus on generative AI

With DeepFest, the go-to place for global AI leaders being co-located at LEAP 2024, the event will have a significant focus on generative AI. From ethics, policy and governance to regulation and the future of work, the event will explore how AI will add value to the human experience. 

Attendees will be able to witness the newest breakthrough since the event will include insightful conference sessions and an array of sector-specific seminars, training opportunities, live demos, innovation sessions, start-up pitches, and an expo spotlighting the top-tier tech firms worldwide that are propelling AI advancement.

Major tech investments

Last year, leading tech players like Huawei, Microsoft, and Oracle unveiled substantial commitments to Saudi Arabia's technology landscape during the event. As a result, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia saw more than $9 billion in tech investments. This year holds the potential for history to repeat itself as heavyweight brands including PwC, Lenovo, Ericsson and Mastercard amongst others have already embraced extensive sponsorship exposure and investment opportunities.

Additionally, the LEAP 2024 Rocket Fuel Start-up Pitch Competition will open doors for innovative startups, providing them with the opportunity to showcase their technologies in six categories to a panel of global investors and entrepreneurs with potential rewards of up to $250,000 on offer.

The countdown begins...

As LEAP 2024 approaches, the excitement only continues to grow. Businesses who want to capitalise on the show’s potential need to effectively communicate their message. At Jargon Group, we deliver top-tier tradeshow support to help our clients in the B2B technology space reach their target audiences through high-quality media coverage.

See you there!


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