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Jargon Group achieves third consecutive CMS accreditation from the PRCA

Jargon Group is a proudly committed member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) & the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) and indeed @PRCA Middle East North Africa, and has been for as long as the company has existed – from 2009 as a startup through to its current multi-office, multi-country footprint.

Our commitment to professional standards is one of the things that we use to define ourselves. For example, every member of staff is enrolled in the CIPR Continuous Professional Development programme to continue their learning journey and ultimately achieve Chartered Status. We run staff training programmes internally and we bring in outside resources to help with upskilling and advice for the team.

One of the key weapons in our quality armoury is the PRCA’s Communications Management Standard (CMS), the hallmark of PR excellence. In the PRCA’s own words, “CMS combines elements of ‘ISO9001’ and ‘Investors in People’ with criteria specific to a PR and communications consultancy.”

Jargon Group is one of the relatively few agencies in the UK that has achieved the standard and we are really pleased to be able to announce that we have retained that status for a third year running. We don’t, these days, need to spend too long preparing or getting ready for the CMS review: we have learnt from our experiences over the past three years, and as a result our processes, policies and procedures are already in place, operational proven and ready for the exercise.

Thankfully because if they weren't it would be a tough target to hit!

While passing (initally) represents a very high hurdle, the truth is that being granted the CMS seal of approval means that so long as one maintains the standard, retention should be relatively straightforward – evolution rather than revolution. There is an incentive not to fail which helps, of course, but there is also the pride in being able to point to the badge as a marker of operating a business which does a job properly and well.

We strongly encourage all agencies to put themselves forward. Not only does it provide an effective framework to tighten up all aspects of business management and the processes that assist in day-to-day operations, it also contributes to the professionalism of our industry which helps us all move forward and upward.

I want to leave the last word to the PRCA’s Carol Magill who wrote that “CMS serves as a roadmap for best practices, and it's evident that Jargon Group leveraged this process to critically assess their operations. They didn't limit their scrutiny to campaign and client management, which are the foundation of PR agency work, but also delved deeper into areas like IT systems and regulatory compliance. Jargon Group effectively utilised CMS to self-reflect and engage their teams in finding ways to continuously improve, aligning with the core purpose of this process."

Those words encapsulate what being committed to quality means for us. A fourth year of accreditation beckons.


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